tilapia tacos with cucumber salsa

7 Apr

I’ve been cookin up a storm for the past few days! Experimenting with Passover-appropriate desserts (courtesy of smitten kitchen – almond chocolate torte, chocolate walnut cookies). I made some loaded nachos for the boyfriend and me courtesy of CYS4D, and for dinner with a friend, almond soba noodles with tofu a la 101 cookbooks.

After such fun recipe-following adventures, I decided to bring in some of my own creativity last night and make some tilapia tacos for dinner! Inspired by Mark Bittman’s recent post in NYT and dinner at the fantastic Hook in Georgetown this weekend, here’s what I came up with:

makes 1 serving (2 tacos)
412 cal / 12 fat / 154 sodium / 2 sugar / 35 protein

– 1 filet of tilapia (mine was 1/4 pound)
144 cal / 4 fat / 64 sodium / 0 sugar / 28 protein
– 1/2 cucumber
26 cal / 0 fat / 4 sodium / 2 sugar / 0 protein
– 1/2-1 tablespoon olive oil
57 cal / 6 fat / 0 sodium / 0 sugar / 0 protein
– 2 corn tortillas
128 cal / 2 fat / 16 sodium / 0 sugar / 3 protein
– 1/4 cup low sodium canned black beans (optional)
57 cal / 0 fat / 70 sodium / 0 sugar / 4 protein
– 1/4 cup cilantro
– fresh lime juice
– chili powder
– one shake of salt


Marinate tilapia in olive oil, lime juice (I used juice from a quarter of a lime), salt, and chili powder. Let it marinate for about 20 minutes (flip it halfway through if you remember), and turn the broiler on to let it heat up for that same 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, chop the cucumber and cilantro. Mix together with juice of another quarter of lime and chili powder to taste.

Once the broiler has heated, put the fish on and cook 6-8 minutes. Check on it, flip it half way through, and remove as soon as it flakes – be careful not to overcook.

Assemble tacos with the fish and beans (if you please) and cucumber salsa! I’m sure it would also be good with a dollop of sour cream if there is some in the house.


One Response to “tilapia tacos with cucumber salsa”

  1. Evan April 7, 2011 at 11:52 pm #

    Cooking storm! (:

    This looks awesome-tastic. There is a significant chance that when I start attempting to cook for myself (probably in like 10 years) I will go back to this blog for ideas.

    P.S. Low-sodium!!!!!!!!!!

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